At Price Chopper, we go to great lengths to ensure you’re putting the freshest, best tasting produce on your family’s table. We keep our produce in-stock and check it for freshness, so it’s certain to pass your inspection, too.


Triple Inspected Produce

We take pride in offering the freshest, in-stock fruits and vegetables at the lowest prices in town. That’s why we proudly offer Triple Inspected Produce. Every item in our department is inspected three times:

  1. Once in the field.
  2. Once in the warehouse.
  3. And once in the store.

That even includes our seasonal and organic items, too!

Triple inspected produce medley

Farm Fresh Produce

Look for Farm Fresh signs in your local store for delicious produce grown locally. Whenever possible, we buy direct from nearby family farms to give you the tastiest, most vitamin-rich produce in town.

Farmer with fresh produce